Georgeann’s Portfolio

Georgeann painting in Tuscany

I have been a painter most of my life. While at the Des Moines Art Center as Director of Education, I became interested in papermaking as an art form. Today I combine papermaking techniques with my painting skills in creating paintings entirely with paper pulp.  My painting compositions are created from travels around the world to my own “backyard”, a quiet seacove in Maine.

Wave Series, Popham Beach NTL trimed
“Wave series,Popham Beach”
Handmade paper 24″ X 20″

From the Maine seacoast to the wild seacliffs in Cape Breton, N.S. and quilt like patterns of Tuscany, color and design are incorporated into  “situ” watercolor paintings. These are later translated into complicated paintings of handmade paper, and oil monotypes on my own papers. These paintings take on a new life of volume and rich color, creating depth with sculptural textures.

"Cape Breton Highlands
“Cape Breton Highlands”
Handmade paper 20″ X 10″

Description of Techniques for Pulp Paintings

Pulp Paintings are entirely made from handmade paper..often referred to as cast paper. The palette for these paintings, instead of paints, consists of buckets of paper pullp, all made in a Hollander Beater. Color is added to the pulp in the form of non-fading, light fast pigments. Pulps are 100% acid free cotton rag and abaca fibres internally sized which strengthens the finished work. Veils of these colored pulps are built up in layers on a damp handmade paper foundation, with color transparencies similar to painting in oil or watercolor, to create a painting with depth and texture. It takes about a month to complete a painting. The process includes the making of preliminary drawings, preparation of the pulps, pigmenting and testing of the pulps for the desired color palette, and finally making the pulp painting. The result is a work of art that has the distinctive qualities of color, texture and the irregular deckle edge unique to handmade paper.


"Castello S Maria Novella" From Noce Rd. Handmade paper  24" X 20"
Castello S Maria Novella” From Noce Rd.
Handmade paper 24″ X 20″
Tuscany Tondo Series #1 1a
Tuscany Tondo Series #1
Handnade paper 22″ X 22″
"Iris at San Donato" Watercolor 16" X 20"
“Iris at San Donato”
Watercolor 16″ X 20″
"Winter Table Top" Monotype  18" X 24"
“Winter Table Top”
Monotype 18″ X 24″


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