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The Gallery is open…The garden is in!

Alright, so it is past the Summer Solstice since I posted a blog showing me sitting by the fire waiting for spring.

But the garden is in:


Winter cleanup is done:


The Jewelry case is full:DSCN7023

Georgeann’s Tondos are hung:Tondo Waterfall series 2

Official Summer Hours:

When we are here, the flag goes out between 10:00 and  11:00 and we close at 5:00.  We try to be open  Thursday, Friday and Saturday but  are also open most other days when we are here. If you are making a special trip, call 207 833 6081, and we will try to arrange to be here for you.

The summer is short and we are looking forward to enjoying it!









When oh when will spring ever come?…Alas,
The Ides of March have come and past…
St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone…
And still the winter lingers on!

A good fire always helps one think.
A good fire always helps one think.


Guest Blogpost -Widgeon Cove Gallery website – an update

Condon and Georgeann have been busy working on the new pages for their gallery website. Building a new website is a lot like making art. There are colors to blend. Images to curate and lots of text to consider in what will come together to be the final piece.  While this is a medium new to both Georgeann and Condon, as artists,  they welcome the new challenges  and the learning curve it represents.

They have been excitedly building out the new pages and filling them with their many adventures in art.  As teacher, guide, I have been enjoying watching the excitement build and the technique improve with each stroke of the keyboard and click of the mouse.

Let us know what you think about this work in progress.  As of today, this is their first iteration that you can see.


guide and helper through internet transitions