Collaborative Work

Although Georgeann and Condon work  primarily in their individual media, we have collaborated on many pieces through the years. Currently we continue to work on a long term project loosely based on the Japanese Tokonoma.

Asm 3 NF Toke .75 Front Graduated BG Trimed with flowers


A traditional Japanese home has a special place called a “Tokonoma”. It is usually an alcove near the entrance reserved for one or two beautiful objects….a painting, an ikebana arrangement of flowers, or just a simple pleasing arrangement of objects. It is essentially an aesthetic space and usually conveys a sense of  peace and serenity.

We have designed a series of free standing and wall sculptures as our response to having seen these wonderful spaces. The shelf on our sculptures allows the owner to change objects and apply personal creative ideas, thus interacting with the space, which is consistant with the purpose of the Japanese Tokonoma.

SM SQ With Branch & Flower 10x14

Pic00015 Revised 10x14

Each Tokonoma sculpture is made individually from a series of design patterns  that we have developed over the years.  The basic materials we use are  cherry,  ebonized wood, and verdigrid and embosed handmade paper. Sometimes we add  elements such as branches  or stones to develop an idea. On occasion we have developed a Tokonoma  as a setting  for a special piece that a person  would like to feature.


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